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about me


Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I'm so happy that you are here.

I'm Lena, born in 1993 and a travel bug through and through. Back in 2010, I left Germany to be a foreign exchange student in Los Angeles, CA where I met some of my favorite people. 

Traveling became a necessity to see each other whether it was in the pines of Germany, under the palms of California, or somewhere in between.


In college, I studied abroad in Spain and worked a semester in Santiago de Chile where I not only learned Spanish but understood how vital travel and living abroad is to build a healthy world view and understanding of life beyond my hometown in Germany. 


Travel to me means learning from the locals, trying all the food, and creating lasting memories usually with a camera in my hands. 

I love to create and story-tell & hope that The Good Land Beyond will become a place of inspiration to you that will encourage you to go above and beyond your comfort zone and find your own adventures across the world! 

Happy Travels! 

Love, Lena

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